Why You Should Clean Your Eaves Troughs

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eaves troughsEvery spring and fall or so, it’s important for Calgary homeowners to clear away the debris in their eaves troughs. Over the year, eaves trough or gutters as they are also called can collect a lot of junk: twigs, leaves, pebbles, even bird nests. It’s an important and necessary part of good roof care to make sure that these troughs get emptied and cleared a couple times a year. Your roof will thank you by lasting longer if you also splurge to have your eaves troughs cleaned professionally at least once a year, but even doing this job yourself will help. That’s because when gutters aren’t kept clear, they can flood and cause water to drain from your roof less effectively leading to leaks. Eaves troughs are also an important part of leading water away from your home’s foundation. It’s impossible for them to do this vital job if they’re all clogged up, which means if you have even the tiniest cracks in your foundation you are going to begin to have a leaking problem that may eventually lead to mould or flooding.

Tips For Before You Begin

Wet plant litter is heavier than dry plant litter. We suggest waiting until you’ve had two or three warm, dry days before starting on this. It’s also a good idea to check the forecast for rain or strong winds before you begin.

Mould and mildew are to be expected when you have packed leaves and twigs in a wet area like an eaves trough. This means, even after taking our suggestion of waiting for a few warm, dry days to pass, the gunk is probably going to be moist and smelly. By wearing rubber gloves under your work gloves, your hands will stay dry and won’t pick up the musky scent.

When using a ladder, always make sure to use proper ladder safety. It’s advisable to only place your ladder on a flat, solid, level surface, and never to go beyond the second last step. If you’re working near power lines, please take all the necessary precautions to be safe, and if you aren’t comfortable use a ladder around your property, please call a professional instead of taking unnecessary risks.

Next time we’ll explain how to clean out your gutters in a step by step process. However, we still recommend that you have them cleaned professionally around once a year. If you do decide to do this chore yourself, we want to ask once more that you follow your own judgement and use all safety regulations and suggestions available to you. If something seems unsafe, don’t do it! Never take unnecessary risks, call Roof Hospital instead at (403) 457-3330.

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