Why Annual Roof Inspections Are Important

Making sure to get your roof checked should be on your yearly to do list. Its important to find out how your roof handled the long cold Calgary winter of snow and ice. The same way that you take your car in for regular service, is how you should be treating your roof as well. Doing this ensures that you are getting the true value from your roof.

A yearly inspection should be looking for obvious signs of damage. Damaged items to keep your eyes open for is buckling shingles, but even your eavestrough can offer a clue. If you see a large accumulation of asphalt granules in the gutters, that’s a sign your roof is on its way out. If you spot major wear and tear, it’s time to consider bringing in a roofer.

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

There are quite a few roofers on the market to choose from. A lot of them are good, but its turned into a gamble of being sure you’ve found one of the good ones. It starts by asking the right questions. There are the standard questions; such as, are they licensed and insured?

Any good roofing company should also offer you the following:

  • You shouldn’t need to be home at the time.
  • Roof technicians should be able to come out within 48 hours of your request.
  • The process should include a free estimate with a detailed report of findings and the steps you can take to restore your roof to top condition.
  • Any work they do complete for you as a result of the inspection should come with a warranty.

Roof Inspections Are More Important Than You Might Think

As long as water isn’t dripping from your ceiling, it’s easy to simply assume everything is fine. After all, you have plenty of other things on your home maintenance to-do list, right?

The truth is, preventative roof maintenance is the best way to catch problems early, before they turn into a big and expensive. An experienced roof technician can often spot potential problem areas and other signs of damage before they happen.

It is pretty easy to see why winter rain, ice, and wind can cause damage and extra wear and tear on your roof over time. But did you know that the sun can also damage your roof? Heat and ultraviolet light from the sun can break down the materials in your roof and cause them to lose their waterproofing properties over time. It happens to every roofing material, from wood shake to asphalt shingles.

That’s why regular inspection and maintenance is so important, even if it feels like the weather has been great!

Does Your Roof Need an Inspection?

If it’s time for an inspection, or you just have questions about your roof, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Roof Hospital. 1-403-975-0530