What’s the Difference Between an Inspection by a Qualified Inspector and one Conducted by a Roofer?

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shutterstock_110651144Everyone knows that, like all parts of a house, a roof ages. Wind, blizzards, hail, and the hot summer all take their toll on a roof. In order to keep a roof in the best possible condition, it’s recommended to inspect roofs at least semi-annually. But many people find this difficult. They don’t know what to look for themselves, and they aren’t sure who to phone to have an inspection done. This often leads to no inspection being performed at all.

However, without proper maintenance, the lifespan of a roof can be dramatically lowered – sometimes even halved. And worse, many warranties only cover roofs that are regularly maintained. That’s why we at Roof Hospital want to explain your two options for a roof inspection and how they differ.
A roofer. A roofer is a construction worker who specializes in building and repairing roofs. An experienced roofer should easily spot problems on your roof and be able to give accurate recommendations. However, they may have ulterior motives. Unlike a roof inspector, an unreputable roofer may let their financial biases influence their advice. A roofer may also have a specialized job within their company and lack general inspection experience.
Certified Inspection Company. The second option is to simply hire a certified roof inspection company. These professional inspectors do not do any roofing themselves. This is good, because it means that their opinion is entirely objective and unbiased. However, depending on the inspector’s specialty (do they usually inspect flat roofs? or single story homes?), it also means that the inspector may lack the actual roofing experience with your roof to make the best call. You also have to be cautious to make sure your inspector isn’t a general home inspector. A standard home inspector will know some general roofing, however they often miss some of the most important areas or do not go up on the roof at all. When it comes to roof inspections, a certified roof inspector is your best option, but make sure to only use an inspector that has good references – you can use google or contact local roofing authorities to get advice on whom to pick. Also keep in mind that since an inspector does no roofing, they are going to charge you for the inspection and their time.
The fact is simply that neither option is perfect or without risk. The best decision, whether you choose a professional inspector or a roofing company, is to choose someone with an excellent reputation, good references, and whom you trust. We suggest that you start by asking 2 or 3 professional roofing companies to perform a free inspection. From there, you can decide which ones gave you the best feel, service, and information. Listen carefully to what the roofers you liked the best have to say and take their suggestions. While this won’t guarantee perfect results or an excellent experience, it generally works out for most people.
Here at Roof Hospital, we’re solely a roofing company. Our team is made of certified roofers, not inspectors. However, we would be more than happy to provide anyone with a professional roofer’s opinion and inspection if not a certified, objective report. We are also pleased to perform any work a professional inspector suggests you have done.

Is it time (or long since time) that you had your roof inspected or maintained? Contact Roof Hospital today at (403) 457-3330 for expert advice and experienced workmanship.

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