We’ve Expanded! Are You Aware Of All Of Our Services?

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Its a brand new year, and the Roof Hospital Exteriors wants to remind you of all of our current services!

We service 3 different sectors, and we don’t just do roofs! Our main areas of expertise are flat roofing, commercial construction, and residential construction. We offer services all the way from repairs, to full no-hassle replacements. We pride ourselves in being the one stop shop for all property owners and property managers. 

Flat Roofing: With many years of experience, you will get the quality that no one else in the Calgary Roofing industry can provide. Installation of a tar and gravel, torch-on roof or other membrane type must be done by an experienced roofer. That’s what we are here for! Trust a certified roofing company with your flat roof – trust us with your flat roof. 

Commercial Construction: Whether you have a single storey building, a high-rise or a large industrial building, the Roof Hospital can install your new roof & exteriors. We have strong knowledge on all Calgary Roofing systems, and experience to back it up. Contractors and property managers have trusted The Roof Hospital for over 12 years and for good reason. We deal with siding, windows, masonry, roofing, and so much more. 

Residential Construction: At the Roof Hospital, you depend on us to protect your home’s roof & exterior. We are one of the leading contractors in the Calgary Roofing Industry that have been proudly replacing roofs for well over a decade. You can count on us to do the job right and treat you as our top priority, always. Basically if you have an exterior problem, we should be your first call. This includes and is not limited to windows, doors, masonry, siding and decks. Our clients trust our workmanship quality, and we never disappoint. No matter what your replacement needs are, we are your most trusted choice. 

We are so proud to be expanding, and offering more to our valued clients. 

For any questions please email or call: 403-457-3330,

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