Ventilation Issues?

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A great ventilation system requires the proper amount roof exhaust vents positioned close to the top ridge lines of the roof as much as possible, hence, allowing warm moist air to exhaust from within the attic space and out the the roof  vents. A balanced roof ventilation system also requires proper soffit ventilation to allow the cool dry air to enter in to the attic space replacing the warm moist air. In the most ideal of situations, you want your attic temperature to match the temperature outside as much as possible.

Why is Roof Ventilation so important?

All roofs need ventilation in order to avoid problems with condensation, mildew, rot and humidity. In the summer, the heat in the attic can produce the effects of a sauna. The hot air trapped in the attic in the hot summer months can promote the deterioration of shingles and warm the existing living spaces below. In the winter, poor roof ventilation allows heat from the home to build up in the attic. Warm air in the attic will condense and can lead to rotting wood, wet insulation and sagging or stained ceilings.

How can a Home or Building owner tackle these Poor Ventilation Issues?

It is always recommended to contact an experienced Calgary roofing contractor who is able to come in and asses your roof ventilation issues. A roofer can add a couple of static vents to improve air flow escaping out of the attic.


Need help setting up proper ventilation?

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