To Replace or Repair?

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shutterstock_67094527No matter how recently you’ve replaced your roof, it’s pretty frustrating to spring a leak.Sometimes the leak is well earned and the roof should have been replaced half a decade back. When that happens, the choice to replace is pretty clear. However, sometimes you just had your roof redone or have had it replaced in the last decade. Then things can be a little bit more complicated. Homeowners are left wondering: should they replace their roof or repair just the problem areas?


Repair. There’s no doubt that in the short term, repairing is less expensive. If the damage or leak is small and the roof is relatively new, repairing can make a lot of sense. Sometimes a windstorm can knock just a few shingles off or a leak happens to be a simple fix, but regardless of how basic the job is, it may be a good idea to have the rest of the roof inspected as well. If you have problems starting in one area, it’s usually only a matter of time before they spread.

Double Up. If your roof needs to be redone and you’re short on fluid capital, you may be able to save some of the costs by adding the new shingles on top of an old layer. This is an option if your roof only has a single layer of shingles at the moment, but it isn’t recommended since the new shingles will likely not endure or last as well as they would if they were secured directly to the roof deck. On the other hand, it can save you up to a third of the cost. While you likely won’t be saving any money in the long run — you will probably need to replace the entire roof a good five years earlier than if you stripped off the old shingles — it may be worthwhile depending on your situation.

Replace. No one is going to pretend that replacing a roof is cheap, and when it comes to hiring a reputable Calgary roofer, many homeowner find they get what they pay for. If you recently replaced your roof, you may want to see if your insurance will cover the expense. However, if your roof is only a year or two from needing to be replaced anyways, you’ll likely save money in the long run by replacing early. After all, if you’ll have to replace the roof soon, why pay for a repair this year and a replacement next?
Whether you repair or replace your roof is going to depend a lot on your specific situation and roof. If you’re looking for an expert inspection and opinion, the professionals at the Roof Hospital would be happy to help. Call us today at (403) 457-3330.

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