Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights



Though a lot of the homeowners we know simply keep their lights up all year round, there are always a few that take them down. New homeowners may also want to have christmas lights and that means setting them up at least once. When it comes to putting lights up, a little planning and measuring goes a long ways. Try to take a step back before starting. Measure the lengths you want to cover and remember to include any extra length needed to get to the outlet. When the planning is done, it’s time to begin: here are some tips.

Not All Lights are Equal. The closer the lights are in the strand the brighter they will appear from the street. For a really spectacular look, we suggest using two strands. Double the strands double the light! Most LED lights can connect up to 25 strands without any problem, however incandescent lights often fail after 6 and some can only handle 3 strands. LEDs and incandescents also create different types of light. A strand of white LEDs is going to be slightly blueish, a strand of white incandescents is yellowy or even orangy. Side by side, this is going to look very odd. Try to stick to one or the other.

Check the Lights on the Ground. Thankfully if you’re working with any sort of modern Christmas light, they should no longer all go out when one bulb dies. However, it’s still a good idea to plug them in and check over each bulb while still on the ground. Nothing is more frustrating than completing a lighting masterpiece just to notice five or six bulbs are dead. Finding out when you’re up the ladder standing in a -30 windchill isn’t much better. A quick glance over the lights in the living room or the garage will save you this headache.

Light Clips are your Best Friend. These handy little devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are made for the porch or railing, others for trees and eavestroughs. They can often connect both to the light itself or just to the strand. Whichever way you choose to do it, these clips are often a life saver. If you’re going up on the roof or using a ladder it’s important to have supplies that are easy to use. Clothes clips aren’t, but light clips are. Always make sure to use proper ladder safety and try not to work by yourself.

Putting up the christmas lights can be a pain, but when it’s all done, the results are often well worth it. From the Roof Hospital, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or a joyous time with whatever you choose to celebrate. Have a great December and stay safe whether you’re up on the roof or driving the long, icy Alberta highways.