The Process of Roof Repairs

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shutterstock_208062277_roofhospital1st-300x200We’ve talked about how leaks can often go unnoticed for years by simply dripping between drywall or in another inconspicuous hiding place. We’ve also discussed how frequently a leak is created when multiple places on a roof begin to fail.

As we’re sure you can imagine, this can make fixing a leaky roof quite complicated. We often suggest that Calgary homeowners take a proactive approach and have their roof inspected every couple of years. Not only does this help make sure that the roof’s warranty actually covers any repairs, it also means catching little problems before they become big problems. However, we also understand that more often than not, Calgary homeowner just aren’t going to call the inspector until they actually have a leak. So what happens then?

Inspection and Cleaning. The first step to stopping leaks is to get up on the roof and take a look at what condition the roof system is in. If you’re lucky, there will be a clear problem with most of the roof remaining is moderately good shape. When this is the case, we can often replace a half dozen shingles and be on our way. Often times however, there are numerous problems.

Before starting a repair, we’ll have to clean away any moss and debris from your roof. This process often involves a pressure washer. If the roof is in bad shape, we may also have to remove a significant number of old, broken shingles, cut away the sheet underneath if it’s in damaged, and even lift off broken sheets of plywood that are waterlogged or dripping.

Repair. This is the tricky part. Even when a roof is in poor shape, many homeowner choose not to have it replaced. Since the source of a leak is often not clear, we have to start a process of elimination. We’ll locate the areas that are clearly the biggest concern and work backwards towards the smaller issues. The only way to know if the leak is gone is to check the result.

We’ll replace any damaged plywood first, then the sheeting that goes over the plywood, and finally the shingles. Other replacements and repairs may take place along the way depending on your specific situation – often eaves troughs are also in bad shape – but this is the general order of things.

We understand that it’s frustrating when you call a Calgary roofer to repair your roof and the next time it rains, there’s still a leak. It’s frustrating for us too since we like to see our clients happy and want to provide the best roofing service possible. But it’s important to remember that when you’re just repairing problem areas to minimize costs, less damaged areas are going to be left for when you choose to replace, and those might be the spots contributing to your specific leak. No reputable Calgary roofer would ever do a repair that they didn’t feel was necessary, but finding the area causing the leak is often difficult and when there are numerous entry points for the leak, can even be impossible during a first repair. Patience is always appreciated, but during these frustrating times, it may be useful to remind yourself that while the work from the other day didn’t fix your current leak, it almost certainly prevented future ones.

The Roof Hospital prides itself on great craftsmanship and honest customer service. It’s important to us that our clients understand what’s happening every step of the way. If you suspect your roof is leaking or are ready to be proactive, give Roof Hospital a call at (403) 457-3330.

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