The 411 On Complexes With Concrete

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Like most things, concrete doesn’t last forever and will deteriorate over tie. When it becomes too deteriorated, preventative services may not be possible, and replacement is the only option. The process of removing and replacing the concrete is very important to preventing further deterioration and possible liability issues as the property owner. 

If you are at the point already we will walk you through the process. The first thing the professionals like The Roof Hospital Exteriors will do is evaluate the concrete for issues. Issues or problems can range from the area being high trafficked to anything putting strain on the concrete. Essentially, finding whatever caused the deterioration in the first place and work to prevent that in the future for your new concrete driveway. In some cases a concrete driveway or pad needs to be reinforced to make it extra sturdy. 

Concrete Removal & Replacement Process

The removal begins with sawing through the deteriorated areas with extreme precision and detail to a certain depth. The pieces are then carefully picked up and placed in a dump truck, where the truck will move the old concrete to a legal dump site. When a clean base has been formed, it is re-compacted to make sure it is strong enough to hold the new concrete.  

The removal and replacement of an average driveway can take from 1-2 days depending. When it is time to replace the concrete, the process is starting with forming the area and pouring a specific amount into the designated area. Usually the area is furnished and brush finished. 

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