Suffering From Water Damage?

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Are your tenants suffering from leaks and water damage? Water can seep into your building from many sources, inside and outside your walls. Eaves troughs and downspouts are usually the culprits, and they provide an efficient first step in controlling roof runoff. If the rain or melted snow channeled off the roof isn’t carried far enough away from the building, it will collect against the foundation wall. Let’s look a little deeper into the issue and discuss what your options are.

Clogged downspouts cause eavestroughs to back up and spill rain water running off the roof down the side of building where it can penetrate the envelope and damage the interior. The Roof Hospital Exteriors can check your eavestroughs and water flow by cleaning debris and allowing water on the downspout to drain without backing up. 

If you are having leaks and you suspect the downspouts, a professional will relieve the burden on the draining around the complex by disconnecting the downspout and ensuring it ejects water at least 6 feet from the building to a surface that slopes away from it.  Depending on the location of your downspouts, they may need to be moved to a more efficient area. 

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind:

  • Place your downspout extensions so that water flows away from the building and doesn’t pool next to basement walls or basement windows.
  • Direct the flow from your downspout extensions onto a grassy area or non-paved surface.
  • Keep the end of the downspout extensions away from the property line so that the water does not flow onto another neighbouring property, the street, lane, boulevard or sidewalk.
  • Clean debris from your eavestroughs regularly. If they overflow even when clean, replace them with larger size eavestroughs and downspouts.


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp says it’s a good plan to inspect your eavestroughs annually to ensure they are not clogged, and don’t have low spots where water can pool.


If you are worried about damage give our team a call right away and we can have a professional take a look for you.



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