Subcontracting vs. Hiring in-House

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subcontractingIf you’ve worked with Roof Hospital before, you’re may be aware that we used to subcontract some of our workers. At the time, it made a lot of sense for us. It was a simple way to find talented workers with unique skills. It gave us the flexibility to hire the individuals with the skills we needed on the project we needed them for without having to continuously find work for them after that project was complete. However, having worked with many different subcontractors over the years, we’ve decided to not do that anymore.


Communication and Planning.

One of the hardest parts of working with subcontractors was communication. Everyone communicates a little differently and between new acquaintances there can often be miscommunication. While the Roof Hospital always took care to make sure our customers only worked with expert roofers, by hiring the best roofers in-house, we can make sure they’re available to work on our projects and know what’s expected of them. With all of us working for the same team, communication is more straight forward.

Quality Control.

Along the same lines of communication, excellent quality control is one of the great perks of working only with in-house roofers. We know all of our employees and where they do their best work, and they understand what it means to work for Roof Hospital. Working with in-house roofers, makes it easy to keep guaranteeing the punctuality, efficiency, and quality you’ve come to trust from the Roof Hospital.

While there is a flexibility and convenience to using subcontractors, we believe that hiring all of our roofers in-house from now will help us to provide an even better service to Calgarians. Looking for a great Calgary roofing team that always puts your needs first? Call the Calgary Roof Hospital at (403) 457-3330 today.

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