The Roof Hospital Exteriors do all things exterior, so obviously we've got stucco covered.

Stucco is one of the most versatile high quality exterior finishing options you can consider as a finish for your exterior walls. It is not merely resilient, but adds visual aesthetics and class to your business or home. As with cement or mortar, stucco can be used as a building material as well.

With The Roof Hospital Exteriors it does not matter if you are building a new construction or renovating, stucco should be a top choice when it comes to building materials. Stucco has an established history and has been in application for over a century, now because of initial low initial cost, utility and minimum need for maintenance.

The Roof Hospital Exteriors is a big and reliable name when it comes to stucco installation, repair and maintenance. 

 Since the inception of The Roof Hospital Exteriors, offering both, residential and commercial clients, with top of the line stucco installation services. We specialize in various types of stucco installations, ranging from traditional stucco, to two and three coat systems. We accommodate to the requirements of both the commercial and residential buildings. Similarly, we offer value added services including and fibre glass mesh embedment & acrylic top coats in our stucco finishing.
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