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GAF_Timberline_HD_Barkwood_HouseMany people seem to fear the “horror story” with a contractor situation.  There’s a buzz out there discussing problems, probably something to do with the face that construction services typically end up somewhere in the top 10 industries with complaints.  This naturally raises the question “why?”.  Why are so many people having problems with roofing?  Are roofing companies natural born scammers?  Or are home owners slacking off on their diligence research?  Or is this all a big case of miscommunication?  Maybe it’s a bit of all the above.

Let’s dig into this big scary word “scam”.  Firstly, professional roofing companies don’t pull scams.  If they did, they wouldn’t be professional roofing companies.  So where do the scams come from?  Naturally, they come from “the other guys”, which no intelligent individual will openly admit to being.

It may surprise you to learn there’s no regulatory board determining who is, and who is not qualified to call themselves “professional roofers”.  This means Joe Blow roofer can indeed legally call his company “professional”, even though he may not have proper insurances…or own a ladder.  Interesting.

Roofing scams and problems are most commonly founded by individuals and companies with little substance behind their presentation.  The biggest mistake a home owner can make is to trust blindly.  This applies not only to roofing, but to everything in general.  There’s an old adage which goes “trust in peoples good nature, and lock the door when there’s no-one home”.  Diligence is key here.  Scratch a lie, find a thief.  Ask the prospective roofing contractor tough questions and watch ’em squirm.
A professional roofing company will provide good answers.

But what questions should be asked?  Here’s a couple good ones to get started:

  1.  Proof of both required insurance documents, workers compensation insurance and general liability
  2.  References.  Phone numbers of satisfied customers, other trade professionals or at least pictures of completed work.
  3.  A contract outlining work to be done with a written guarantee.
  4.  Proof of a clear record with the Better Business Bureau (this one doesn’t guarantee a good roofer but it helps in the filtering process)
  5.  How long have they been in business.
  6.  Proof of local city licence.
  7. If they ask for a deposit, ask for proof that they are bonded with the province of Alberta
  8.  A written agreement the contractor will pay for any and all damages that may be done to your property during the roof replacement process.

P.S. Visit here to see copies of our insurance and registrations documents

Roofing projects can be stress free and relatively simple.  Professional roofing companies help to select reliable products, install them well and support their clients for many years through their trustworthy guarantee policy.  There are many high quality, reliable and professional roofing contractors in Calgary.  In fact there are more good ones than bad ones.  Asking the right questions will bring light to the selection process.

So remember, ask the tough questions up front before hiring a contractor.  Take the time to do it right the first time.  Relax and enjoy the process.  A good roof system can largely enhance the appearance of a house and greatly ad to your comfort living within.

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