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Whatever product you choose to cover your roof system there is typically a particular style, designed to be installed as the first row, called the starter shingle for the starter course. This is the first piece of the primary roofing product be installed. Installing it straight helps the rest of your roof look great, and installing it properly helps keep your roof system in place and protected from strong winds, snow, ice and rain.

Installing a proper starter shingle is always a requirement for every manufacture, and is also a requirement from the Alberta Building Code. Every professional contractor in Calgary will use a starter shingle of one sort or another.

Sometimes you will see starter shingles installed along the centers of Valley metal. Although common practice, and generally accepted in the industry as normal, it is not a requirement nor does it provide any advanced protection. Installing starter shingles in valley center’s gives the valley a nice clean, finished look.

Starter singles are installed over top of leak barriers, drip edge, rake edge and underlayment. If properly installed, first course will overhang the roof deck by about ¼ inch to ½ inch. Experienced installers will typically just use their finger width to generally give some spacing and overhang.

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