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With many residences and apartment buildings across the Calgary area, homeowners and renters regularly enjoy spending time on an outdoor deck. With some homes/apartments the deck may be installed at an elevated height or on the roof, and this may be due to the contour of the land or so that the homeowner can take advantage of views from a higher elevation.

When you have a deck that is elevated more than slightly above the ground, you may need to install exterior stairs for safety and functionality.

When you contact The Roof Hospital to install your stairs the property will improved from an aesthetic standpoint, and the property can take on a more well-maintained appearance. In addition, any issues associated with safety with the deck stairs can be addressed. The stairs can be widened, or the positioning can be changed to create a safer overall experience.

Any weaknesses, splintering or other issues can also be addressed at a later time, as this does tend to happen to stairs that are made out of wood. This can promote safety on the property, and it can also decrease repair and maintenance needs going forward. You may even choose to use an upgraded material, such as vinyl or metal that does not require staining or sealing periodically. Choosing a vinyl or metal will be on the more expensive side but will also be worth it in the long run.

The Roof Hospital Exteriors is a trusted and dependable company that has been providing Calgary home owners with quality installation and repair services for over 11 years.

When the time comes to install a new set of exterior stairs on your property or to replace an existing staircase, you can trust The Roof Hospital Exteriors to provide you with friendly service and quality craftsmanship.

Call us today to request an appointment to learn more about the installation process and to request a competitive quote for your stair project.

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