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Spring Cleaning your Roof After the Snow Goes Away

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It’s nearly spring, and soon Calgarians will be busy sweeping out the closets and dusting the very back of their cupboards. The warm weather has Canadians from coast to coast throwing open windows and airing out their homes. However, one place that tends to get forgotten in the cleaning frenzy is the roof. And that’s unfortunate because a roof that is well taken care of last years longer than one that is neglected. If you’re ready to get your spring cleaning on, here are two roof chores you won’t want to forget!

Eavestroughs inevitably collect plant litter as well as man-made garbage. At least once a year (though preferably twice), you’ll need to climb up a ladder and remove all the crud that’s built up. This is because branches, leaves, and garbage plug up your gutters causing blockages, overflows, and possible damage. Branches leftover from fall can also allow ice dams to develop which can seriously damage your roof. During the spring, if the gutters still aren’t cleared, your basement will be at an increased risk for flooding and water may even damage your foundation.  When it comes to preventing leaks and flooding, being proactive is the best thing any homeowner can do.

Have your Roof Inspected.

If you’re comfortable with heights, can enlist a buddy to help keep things safe, and have a roof that won’t be damaged by a misplaced step, it’s possible to do this inspection yourself, but we generally recommend having a roof team perform the inspection. Either way, you or your team should take a look for any big branches, leaves, or garbage. These can cause damp and rot to spread and should be removed. Any loose or missing shingles or tiles should also be noted. Depending on how much damage is present, you may need to have the roof repaired or replaced.

While (as we’ve said), you can perform the inspection yourself, there are numerous benefits to using a professional roofing company. Often the warranty on your roof will indicate that it must be regularly inspected by a professional. Just doing an inspection yourself may void your warranty. A roofing team will also be more comfortable on your roof. We won’t be anxious to get off as soon as possible, so we’ll be able to take a good look at everything. Finally, many Calgary roofing teams will happily do an inspection for free, so you’re not even losing out of pocket!

This spring remember that there’s more to your home than just the inside! Your roof needs the same spring care that the rest of your house receives. Need help clearing out the gutters and having your roof inspected? The professionals at Roof Hospital are here to help! Call us today!

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