Siding protects your structural walls from exposure to the elements such as sun, snow, rain and wind. The most commonly used product in the Calgary area is vinyl siding. It’s economical in price, easy to install, easy to repair, and comes in a variety of colors for cosmetic appeal.

Siding Materials

The most common type of upgrade to siding preferred by many homeowners looking for a combination of a more prestigious end result and longer lifespan, is a product called hardie board. It’s a fiber cement board designed to withstand harsh weather climates and is generally accepted as the most common and widely used product in North America for upgrading a siding product on a home.

Although not really a siding product, it warrants to mention that stucco is another very common product used to cover the structural walls of your home. It looks nice, lasts a long time, comes in a variety of colors and has been proven to be reliable over decades.

Just like any other exterior construction product, it’s the details that matter. A good product is only as good as it’s installation. Special attention is required around areas like windows, doors, garages, battens, gable vents, decorative pieces, wood beams, hose outlets, electrical outlets and soffit junctions.

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