Rubber Roofing Calgary

shutterstock_212157436Got hail? If you live in Calgary, the answer is probably yes, and rubber roofing is the solution. Calgary’s dominant rubber roof product manufacturer and supplier is G.E.M. Inc. They use rubber from tires to manufacturer their roofing tiles, which is helping to empty our landfills, while simultaneously providing the most hail-resistant roof system in the Calgary marketplace. Rubber roofing in Calgary is simple when using the G.E.M. Euroshield roofing products.

G.E.M. Inc was founded in 1999 right here in Calgary, Alberta, and is Calgary’s #1 choice for rubber roofing products. Roughly 600 – 1000 rubber tires are melted down, reformed and used on an average-sized single family home. Made from up to 85% recycled materials, Euroshield roofing products are sold all across the world.

One great aspect about rubber roofing is its ease of installation. Because this product is installed as easily as an asphalt shingle, most professional roofing companies in Calgary are able to offer installation service of this product without complication. Unlike wood shakes, concrete tile, or metal roofs, rubber roofs are installed very similarly to the most used product, asphalt shingles. This means there is more supply of roofers to help out with modifications or repairs to your roof at any given time. Therefore you will have the luxury of selecting which of the available roofing companies you would like to work with, instead of selecting from only a few.

Euroshield products come in four basic design styles: Slate, Shake, Tile, and Thin Profile Slate, which offers the same expected life span as the original three products at nearly half the price and thickness. Available in four colors, a rubber roof system looks very sharp and warrants a visit to the local show room when selecting which roofing product to install on your beautiful home.

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