Rubber Roofing

The Roof Hospital Exteriors has everything you need when it comes to Rubber Roofing.

Got hail? If you live in Calgary, the answer is probably yes, and rubber roofing is the solution. Calgary's dominant rubber roof product manufacturer and supplier is G.E.M. Inc. They use rubber from recycled tires to manufacturer their roofing tiles, which is helping to empty our landfills, while simultaneously providing the most hail-resistant roof system in the Calgary marketplace. Rubber roofing in Calgary is simple when using the G.E.M. Euroshield roofing products.

One great aspect about The Roof Hospital Exteriors rubber roofing is its ease of installation with all of our highly skilled professionals. Rubber roofing takes certified installers to do properly, and that's why it's important that homeowners and property managers hire the right contractor. Rubber roofing is the way of the future, as it lasts twice as long as asphalt and no amount of hail would ever impact the quality or aesthetics of a rubber shingle. It may be a little more expensive than the asphalt route, but worth the expense if quality, longevity, and durability is your aim.

Euroshield is The Roof Hospital Exteriors main rubber product and it comes in four basic design styles: Slate, Shake, Tile, and Thin Profile Slate- which offers the same expected life span as the original three products at nearly half the price and thickness. Available in four colors, a rubber roof system looks very sharp and warrants a visit to the local show room when selecting which roofing product to install on your beautiful home.

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