Roofing in the Spring

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roofingIn Calgary, our springs vary quite a bit from year to year. Sometimes we’ll still have snow past May long and sometimes the tulips will already have popped up. Some years there’s a lot of rain and problems with flooding; other years you can practically count down the days until the grass turns brown from drought. During the wet and cold times, roofing can be a bit trickier than during the warm, dry spring days. However, spring roofing can be done in Calgary, and it’s important to include a gutter cleaning and roof inspection in your spring cleaning.


Roof Inspection.

Not all Calgary homeowners are comfortable climbing up on their roof to take a look around.  If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, then call a Calgary roofer for a free inspection. A home and roof inspector can provide a completely unbiased report for a fee. If you prefer to do your own inspection, you’ll want to take a look for hail damage, leaks or cracks, and general problems. For asphalt shingles, you’ll want to see if shingles have been blown away leaving bare patches. Curling shingles are also a problem. For wood shingles, cracking, water damage, or missing shakes can all lead to issues and leaks.

Likely Problem Areas.

There are specific parts of the roof that are more prone to problems. When you inspect your roof (or hire someone to inspect it for you), be sure that you (or they) take a careful look around any skylight flashings. Chimney flashing is also a weak area. Plumbing stacks and vents from your washrooms or attics may also be vulnerable areas;  it’s important to inspect these places more closely. If your roof has any valley areas, you’ll want to give them some extra attention as well.

Gutter Cleaning.

Cleaning your eaves troughs helps to prevent flooding on your roof and in your basement. Your gutters works to effectively whisk water away from your roof and home. When water can’t drain properly because of leaves and debris, water may pool on your roof or overflow the eaves troughs often leading to basement flooding. If your home uses asphalt shingles like many Calgary houses do, gutter cleaning will serve a second purpose: you can look for granules. Granules are tiny pebbles from your shingles. If there are a lot of granules in your gutters, your roof may need some help.

If you find problems with your roof during your inspection, it’s important to call a qualified Calgary roofer soon rather than later. Small leaks can become big ones, and water damage can become mold damage. The best way to lower your risk for any sort of roofing problems is to be proactive! Inspect your roof annually so you can catch little issues before they’re big, expensive ones. Call Roof Hospital today for your roof inspection at (403) 457-3330.

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