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Timberline HD Charcoal House PhotRoof repairs in Calgary are made simple when you work with The Roof Hospital.  We’re here to help you, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  If you’re experiencing an emergency, call us immediately at (403) 457-3330 and one of our emergency technicians will do their best to help restore comfort to your home.

Roofing Problems

Unfortunately, roofing problems such as leaks do occur. The 3 most common reasons why Calgary Roof Repairs pop up are:

1:  Unanticipated workmanship problems with Calgary roofing contractors
2:  Product defects with Roof System materials
3:  Architectural design flaws in the construction of a building

There are many great, reliable and professional roofing contractors here in Calgary. If you ask us, we’ll even tell you about some of the good ones we know about. However, people do sometimes make mistakes.  Even us here at The Roof Hospital.  Sometimes unanticipated problems arise, and those problems require immediate attention.  Unexpected workmanship-related problems are usually the #1 reason for roof leaks and other roof related problems.

If you’ve chosen a quality, reliable manufacturer for your Roof System products such as GAF/ELK  or Malarkey, you’re not likely to encounter problems with the product itself.  However, just as with good Calgary roofing contractors, unanticipated issues sometimes do pop up.  Manufacturers such as GAF/ELK and Malarkey stand behind their products and can be relied upon when you need help.

Even with architects sometimes the ‘unanticipated’ can pop up its mischievous head and cause problems.  Many roofing professionals would agree, sometimes a roof is designed, simply put, poorly.  And sometimes, modifying a roof system ie: during a renovation or during a property upgrade, the roof is affected in a problem-causing manner.

Roof repairs are often required in areas such as:

– Chimney and skylight flashings
– Plumbing stacks, bathroom air extraction fan vents
– Inside valley areas

Prevent problems from causing damage by having one of our qualified professionals inspect your roof.  Call us now at (403) 457-3330 and let us help you be proactive about your roof.

Call us today and we can complete a full, 45-point inspection of your roof, likely by the end of the week. We’ll even provide you pictures and a detailed analysis of your entire Roof System so you can see first hand what’s going on up there.

Remember: if your roof needs to be replaced, then replace it. Read this article about the 2 biggest reasons not to delay.

Our inspection process is as follows:

1.  Information gathering session about you and your roof system
2.  45 point inspection with pictures of your roof system, attic and ventilation
3.  Set up an action plan to keep your roof system strong and reliable

Call now to schedule your Calgary roof repair.  Be proactive.  Let us help.

(403) 457-3330

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