Meet the Team: Roofing Calgary Contractors

Hear what our Calgary roofing contractor team has to say about their experience with us to date.  These video’s have been recorded to help give you a feel for our organization and who you will be working with when you join us.  The words are not scripted, nor were they revised to be perfected.  Our intention with this approach is to give you a real time feeling for what it’s like to be a team member.  Whether your interested in office management, sales, sub-contracting roofing or siding crew, eaves troughs, sales or setting up your own location, a team member on these video’s has something important to say to you.

On the Roof Team

Management Team

Sales and Design Team

The Roofing Team Says…
“I treat this company like my own, I believe in this company”

“If you’re a driven individual and you want to succeed, then the rewards are here for you when you apply here”

“Quality is everything”

“I’ve seen the way The Roof Hospital has grown, it’s crazy, it started really small and just keeps on getting bigger and bigger every year!”

“Lots of room to grow, lots of great people and great work, just huge opportunities”

“I will be able to work for The Roof Hospital for the next 20 years, and that makes me very happy”

“I like the people I work with, friendly people, we get treated fair”

“I’ve always had a lot of high expectations on myself and a lot of drive, if you have a lot of drive and come into the Roof Hospital there’s room for you to grow and succeed”

“I have worked with The Roof Hospital for over 5 years now, it’s the best roofing company I have ever worked for”

“If you’re looking for a dynamic and fast paced environment that’s going to keep your skills honed, this is the place to be”

“Every day is different and exciting, I look forward to the next challenge”



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