Meet the Boss – Roofing Calgary

My name is Eric Gilbert-Williams, I am CEO of The Roof Hospital.

When I started roofing I was a general labourer and eaves trough cleaner. I swear I lost a good twenty pounds in that two week period, it was the hardest work I had ever done.  Something about it connected with me on a fundamental level.  I got excited about roofing back then, and it never went away.

I’ll never forget the very first roofing contract I ever did.  There was such an extreme smash of weather that hit me by myself up there and somehow I was still smiling.  It was at that moment that I realized roofing was going to be a vocation I would be happy to work with for many years to come.

From 2006 up until 2009 we did a lot of sub-contracting.  I became a Calgary roof repair specialist.  I was doing a lot of business development and personal development courses, workshops and seminars and focused on bettering myself as a person.  Then in 2009 I decided to put it all together and that’s exactly what I did.  That’s when I did my final sub-contract and launched The Roof Hospital as a trade name to the corporate name.

It was such a huge learning curve to be involved in sales, to develop our own software, to invent our own solutions to software, and to deal with property managers, architects and consultants.

I’ve been blessed and humbled, literally humbled by the growth we’ve gone through.  And I’ve been inspired by the teams will to succeed and their real time success.  It’s been humbling to see this manifest, to see this company go from conception to reality.  I’m so proud to be a part of this.

Just massive growth.  We’ve put a lot of focus on growing organically.  Investing in training programs, systems, development, human resources and more.

If I had a list of everyone who was not believing in what we could do and how we would succeed, the list would be very long.  Because here we are, we’re still here, and we’re becoming a leader in this marketplace, and it’s exciting!

The growth potential here is real.  The opportunities to advance and grow as a person are real as well.  I hope I get the chance to work with you, I hope you get the chance to meet our team, and that we have a great future working together!

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