Maintaining Your Flat Roof

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The lifespan of a flat roof depends on the material covering it.

Asphalt coverings use layers of felt combined with molten asphalt and topped with a coating of gravel. This is an inexpensive flat roofing option, but typically only lasts about 10 years. Rubber roofing, which may be EPDM or elastomeric membrane, is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is not covered with gravel. This roofing is more expensive than asphalt coatings, but offers excellent UV resistance and durability. It typically has a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, although most manufacturer warranties only guarantee a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Thermoplastic olefin membrane is another flat roof option made from ethylene propylene rubber and filler materials. It typically lasts between 40 and 50 years, and is resistant to tears, punctures and UV rays.

Properly maintaining your flat roof can extend its lifespan more years than 10 years. Metal roofs and other durable materials may require less attention, but regular care can only help. Here are common ways to ensure your roof lives its life to the fullest:

Seasonal Inspections: Check up on your roof at least 3 to 4 times a year. Clear out any debris to prevent clogging. Make sure all flashings are secure.

Water Removal: As one of Alberta's more central cities, Calgary is no stranger to heavy rainstorms. If you have an older roof, be sure to drain any standing water to prevent mold, mildew and leaks.

Blister Repair: Tar roofs are more prone to blistering. If you discover blisters in your flat roof, contact a professional roofing contractor to repair it.

If If you’ve repaired your roof multiple times and problems persist, it’s time to replace it. Single and multi-ply roofing can be layered over your old flat roof and extend its life by 10 to 30 years. If you’re willing to pay more upfront, metal roofing is the superb long-term option. In addition to a reliable roof replacement, choose a reliable contractor. Look for a business address, phone number and website. References and positive client reviews are a plus. If you’re not sure where to start, consult your friends, neighbors and coworkers about their experiences.

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