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So you’re thinking of replacing your roof! When it comes to choosing the right material rubber has become a popular option to consider in Calgary. From its energy efficiency to its durability against weather, there are lots of reasons that homeowners prefer EPDM roofs, or rubber roofs. Although we love rubber roofs in a hail-prone city like Calgary, it is important to look at all of the facts surrounding rubber roofs and to learn about the pros and cons to see if it fits your specific needs.

One of the main benefits of having a rubber roof is the elongated lifespan, compared to an asphalt roof. This is because the material, the rubber, is thick in texture.

Rubber roofs typically last an average of 50 years before they need to be replaced! 

Although rubber roofs may last a long time, they are not considered as attractive as tile or shingles. Rubber roofs are black in their appearance but are also available in white and off white shades. However, as time goes on Euroshield comes out with new products such as the classy Harvest Shake! It’s one of our personal favourites, and resembles a dark wooden shake (as seen on the image above).

Another important benefit of rubber roofing materials is their price. Rubber roofs are typically more affordable than traditional roofs, including systems that involve slate or metal, and can make for a cost effective option that will maintain its durability for several many years to come without issue.  The energy efficiency of a rubber roof, is highly due to its solar reflectance, which can also reduce the home’s electricity bill throughout the year! 

Due to its reflective nature, your air conditioning unit will have less work to do in a home that features a rubber roof, again, saving you money. Most rubber materials can also be recycled, reduce your carbon footprint and making rubber an eco-friendly option.

An additional benefit of rubber roofs is their ease of installation. Rubber roofs take contractors only a short period of time to install properly. The materials are also lightweight compared to slate or cedar, making it easy to carry the rubber or transport it.

If  you are considering various roofing materials to use on your new roof, we recommend rubber a 100%.  The material is easy to maintain and will require a minimal amount of repairs.

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