How Does A Storm Affect Your Roof?

Calgary homeowners are no strangers to terrible storms. Hail, gales, floods, tornado warnings, we’ve seen it all. Home insurance companies spend millions each year paying for weather related damages to homes. Hopefully though, through every stormy spring season, your house and your roof have fared well and kept you and your family safe and dry. Whether it has or not though, it’s your turn to learn how you can protect your roof!

How Does a Storm Affect Your Roof? - Roof Hospital - Roofing Experts Calgary


I think we can all agree that Calgary and wind just go together. From winter chinooks to summer thunderstorms, Albertans are always prepared for high wind speeds. But while wind chill can be a challenge to walk through, our roofs can’t just put on a coat. High winds can break the bond between shingles and the roof. This causes the shingles to lift and curl and makes your roof very vulnerable to water damage. During a gale, shingles can be ripped clean off and tossed from the roof into your yard. In a worst case scenario, this can leave the underlayment of your roof completely exposed.

After a storm, check around your yard for lost shingles. If you find any, you’ll definitely want to call a roofer in the next couple of days. Leaving your roof exposed can quickly lead to leaks, and water damage means expensive repairs for you. If there aren’t any shingles in your yard, inspect your roof from the ground (or from your ladder). Just see if you can notice any curling or lifting. You shouldn’t need to climb onto your roof for this.


The other major cause of roof damage during a storm is hail. Hail damages your roof in two ways. First, it dents the shingles. This weakens them and makes them more vulnerable to leaks. Second, hail dislodges the tiny granules on asphalt shingles. The granules are responsible for protecting your roof from solar radiation and rain. Without the granules, your shingles will need to be replaced sooner at best and be completely ineffective at worst.

While you’re on your ladder looking for curled shingles, see if you can spot dents. Take a look at the eavestrough too. If it’s filled with granules, you likely have a problem. Remember, many Calgary roofing companies will do an inspection for free, so if you’re not sure what condition your roof is in, you have nothing to lose by calling in the experts!

Wondering how your roof weathered the last storm? Call in the experts from Roof Hospital today. We’d be happy to do an inspection and answer any of your questions.