Hardie board siding in Calgary is fast becoming one of the most popular products in the industry.

It is a a product that has been around for a while but the Hardie Board siding installation has recently skyrocketed itself into the status of the most wanted product out there. Why you ask? Hardie Board is known

for its low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting attributes. What more do you need from a siding product, except The Roof Hospital Exteriors to install it for you.

Hardie Board siding comes in a plethora of colours and textures - and it is definitely one of the most cost effective and economical out of all the siding options available.

The Roof Hospital Exteriors has a team of expert professionals who can do your Hardie Board siding installation perfectly. This trend might be recent, but The Roof Hospital Exteriors prides itself in excelling beyond any other competitor in Calgary.

Why Choose Hardie Board?

  • Impervious to rot & insects
  • Termite resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost effective
  • Fire resistant
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Withstand hail
  • Product warranty


There are several options when it comes to choosing the right Hardie Board for your home or complex. The Roof Hospital Exteriors is here for you, and would be happy to help. We believe in leaving your complex or home sturdier, safer, and better looking by the time we're done with it.

Call us today for a FREE Hardie quote. We'll do our absolute best to guide you through the right process.

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