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Unless you plan to live in your same house indefinitely, you want to know that the money you put into your home, will result in an increase in your home’s value. Return on investment, right? Often home improvements can cost more than they’re actually worth, while others can increase your home’s value. It is important to know which is which.

Regarding home improvement: replacing your siding makes the most financial sense.

Replacing your home’s siding might not be as visually satisfying to you as an owner as a kitchen remodel or a new addition, but it definitely is good for selling one day.  

Resale value is just one factor that homeowners should take into consideration, Real Estate Agents also know that curb appeal projects offer great return, because a home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see.

To date: re-siding with Hardie Board  is the best exterior investment you can make in a Calgary home. Fiber-cement products are a durable, low-maintenance alternative to wood and vinyl. Even smarter: Choosing fiber cement from the industry leader, which happens to be James Hardie. 



Even though James Hardie is new to the industry, this product has already taken the Calgary construction by storm. Hardie gives you the capability to clad your home in the most durable and attractive siding material available, you’ll be able to withstand the nasty Calgary weather and not have to worry about the winters that real havoc on most exterior materials. 

The value of siding with James Hardie lies in the amazing quality of their products. From the visual aspect, to the cost aspect.

Hardie even has a longer lifespan than most other siding options. 

Re-siding your home with fiber cement nets you a greater return than vinyl window replacement and bigger return as well than a major den remodel or roof replacement.

You want to ensure you’re buying the best possible product when you choose to side, The Roof Hospital has you covered. There are obviously more options for you to consider, but we highly recommend this one. 

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