Green Roofing Options

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green roofingWith each passing year, people are trying to do their part to live more in harmony with the planet and environmental around us. Fortunately, the average person isn’t about to forgo their home and start living in the outside world, and we’re pretty grateful for that, but what can you do to make your home — and your roof — more environmentally friendly?

Metal Roofing. While more pricey than your standard shingles, a metal roof often lasts for 50 years or more. This long lifespan means less manufacturing energy and materials needs to be used over the years. It’s also worth noting that metal roofs are recyclable. When your roof has worn out, instead of hauling it off to the landfill it can be melted down and used for new products. Metal roofing is also a great option if you want to collect rainwater since you don’t have to worry about any weird contaminates that you might find leaching from asphalt shingles.

Wood Shakes. On first glance, wood shakes may seem like the clear green choice. Wood is a renewable resource and the shakes are completely biodegradable, but a lot of companies use old growth forests or unsustainable deforestation to manufacture these shakes. If you have your heart set on wood shakes, be sure to do the necessary research to find an ethical source. It’s also important to note that wood shakes are more flammable than other roofing materials and may not be permitted in your area.

Recycled Shingles. Made from recycled waste materials, recycled shingles are a sustainable and surprisingly durable option. These shingles help to reduce the amount of waste heading towards our landfills and many come with a 50 year warranty. Recycled shingles are created with a combination of plastics and fibers and can be convincingly made to resemble wood shakes and slate tiles.

There are many options for making your home more green. You can increase your roof’s overhang which makes it more energy efficient during the summer. You can invest in a literal green roof where plants and entire gardens are built on top of the home. Solar panels are also becoming more affordable and work well in our sunny Calgary climate. Whichever you decide, the Roof Hospital is here to help you move forward with your plans and answer your questions. Call us today at (403) 457-3330

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