“Green” Roofing Options

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“Green” is the new catch-word for the construction industry these days. We have made some damage to the environment over the last thousand years, and now we’ve decided to take some action as a collective. Should a product containing little to no recycled material be considered “Green” if the only benefit is that it is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle? What quantity of recycled content should be found in the product before being considered “Green”? These are all great questions, and the answers are up to you to decide. This article will outline some of the most environmentally friendly roofing products on the market: shingles, rubber, and metal.

Taking a look at the more popular options — and perhaps the “greenest” — of all roofing products on the market are shingles consisting of recycled materials (wood, plastic, rubber). Green products are often composed of post-clean consumer waste, meaning waste from homes and factory waste. Recycled-content shingles are amazingly durable, and they look nice, too. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a green and non-green roof!

These “green” shingles help redirect waste from landfills and minimize our need to endure the high energy and pollution creating procedures, including extracting and processing raw materials to make the shingle. These “green” shingles are recyclable as well and many come with 50-year warranties. Some “green” shingles even carry a lower fire rating that could considerably decrease your insurance rates. 

The company Euroshield Roofing Products stands by their “green” products and practices regarding rubber roofing. Their products contain 95% recycled content, and they recycle the trim and scrap material from the manufacturing/installation process back into more of their products. Their products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle, which we definitely agree is the way of the future. As an example, their Rundle Slate, EuroShake, Heritage Slate, and Harvest Shake is made up of 70% recycled rubber. 

On average, 600 tires are used in the production of material required to cover a typical single-family residential home.

Another “green” option would be standing seam metal. Although not as popular inside the city of Calgary, it definitely does provide an argument for its eco-friendly traits. These roofs are amazingly durable, light reflective, and last but not least…fully recyclable. A little more on the expensive side, the standing seam metal roof is an amazing option as it is made from 100% recycled content and can also be recycled at the end of its lifetime. One feature it has over the shingles and rubber options is that it can come in a lighter colour, ramping up the “green” factor.

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