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shutterstock_220394419Join us at team building events, staff parties and periodic trips just for fun!

Balancing a healthy work and personal life is important to us here at The Roof Hospital.  We have found that a healthy personal life with fun activities helps us be more productive at work, and more fulfilled as a person.  There is always something fun going on or to look forward to here whether it be Christmas parties, birthdays celebrations, spontaneous company trips and dinners, skiing, bowling, paintball, barbecues, camping, mountain retreats and more.  Bring your families to our family outings and let’s have some fun after hours.
Each year there are typically on-going fun activities for you to join in on, often they are started by other team members and supported by the organization as a whole.  In addition to this, some official events and celebrations we have done include a big company party at a great local pub, lots of food, entertainment, gifts and a bucket load of laughter.  An all inclusive formal dinner for all families.  A big paint ball party…for those of us who don’t mind getting a little down and dirty!  A group road trip out to Tofino, BC for some surfing, sea kayaking and camping.  A group weekend camping trip with family to Nakiska area.  A weekend retreat to Kicking Horse resort for some delicious foods, great powder skiing, snowshoeing and good times for the whole family.  A 30 person bowling event and competition with all inclusive food and beverage service.  Who knows what tomorrow’s next event will be…stay tuned to find out!

Calgary roofing is both a tough and a rewarding career choice.  We do our best here to support a healthy work/life balance by providing open table discussions, 3rd party support and coaching and peer feedback to help us grow organically and in a long term stable manor.

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