Everything You Need To Know About Impact Resistant Shingles

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Everything to know about impact resistant shingles so you can better protect your home from the Calgary weather. Calgary has been known for its hail and you’re better off with a more durable shingle when it comes to the longevity of your roof. 

The shingles are manufactured and tested extensively to help the roof withstand the extreme forces from Mother Nature.

The pros for impact resistant shingles is:

  • It elongates the life of the roof
  • Is wind resistant
  • Has the highest fire proof rating possible
  • Usually has stain guard which protects against Algae
  • Usually has lifetime transferrable warranty from the manufacturer  

Roofing tech is booming and we see a wide improvement on impact resistant roofing as a growing trend, as it has become more affordable than ever, for the average household. A bit more costly, these shingles can save you the big bucks when it comes to insurance. Savings ranging from 3% to 15% from all major insurance companies within Calgary when new roofing projects are completed with impact resistant roofing. This is worth your while, especially in central Alberta where hail is prone to happen.  It’s not hard to imagine that these shingles were made with a wider, thicker base mat, which is also made from more durable material than the common shingle. Their durability is assigned after put through a test, and they are then assigned a rating of Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on the degree of impact they can withstand without compromising the integrity of the shingle.  The highest rating is for an impact resistant shingle is class 4.  To meet Class 4 regulations, a 2-inch steel sphere is dropped from directly onto the shingle being tested. If it withstand impact, the shingle receives a Class 4 rating. To achieve Class 3 rating, the shingle must withstand slightly less heavy impact. Obviously these exams are intended to imitate hail, as most hail impacts are within two inches, so insurance companies save when you install these shingles, which means you save.  Call us today to find out more about our Class 4 shingle and how we can make them work for you.



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