Condensation & Preventative Maintenance

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Condensation in attics is a naturally occurring phenomenon in cold weather climates and with the Calgary climate freeze thaw cycles, this occurs with regularity. As long as the thaw cycles are only days apart, the build-up of frost does not normally occur. When we have extended cold periods such as we have experienced this winter the build-up becomes more noticeable and may result in moisture ingress into the home. This ingress would be most noticeable at bathroom fans, around light fixtures, or other areas where the warm interior of the home comes in contact with the cold exterior, such as at the top of the interior walls where they meet the ceiling.


Some solutions that may help to achieve a desired humility, and reduce unwanted condensation within your home are as follows:


  1. Setting your humidifier to the recommended seasonal settings for the current environment where you reside. This can vary from day to day in the Calgary region, and season to season in most other areas. Recommended settings are normally found on your thermostat.
  2. Run the bathroom fan during/after bathing or showering for approximately 30-60 minutes after each use.
  3. Remember to use the kitchen fan when cooking and let it run for 15 to 30 minutes after you turn off your stove.
  4. Have a reputable roofing company like The Roof Hospital Exteriors inspect your attic for:
    1. Proper intake/outtake ventilation
    2. Insulation R values are in line with current building standards, and codes.
    3. Access hatch is insulated and properly sealed where it sits.
    4. Vapour barriers and wraps are consistent throughout the attic space to help aid in any unwanted thermal breach of hot and cold temperatures.
    5. Ducting is connected and functioning properly. Review ducting to see if they’re in line with current good practice and building code. 

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call, 403-457-3330.

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