Concrete Tile Roofing

concrete tile roofingTile roofs have been around longer than any other roofing product in today’s marketplace. Having become popular first in Europe, tile roofs were so reliable that when old buildings were torn down, the tiles were saved and re-used on the new building being constructed. Now that’s durable!

However, let’s differentiate between traditional tile roofing and concrete tile roofing. Traditional tile products were are from clay, but since Canada has some pretty bad winters, manufacturers quickly discovered that clay tiles cracked during the extreme cold and rapid thaws. The response to this issue was a change of product material from clay to concrete.

A little on the heavy side, concrete tile roof systems require specially designed homes in order to be safely installed. If you are unsure whether or not your home is sturdy enough to allow for installation of concrete tiles? Contact us today to schedule a discussion.

Concrete Tile Roofs in Calgary are supplied by the local manufacturer and distributor called Unicrete Products LTD. Unicrete was founded in 1978 and provides four basic styles of concrete tile roofing products, and siding products as well. The four basic styles are:

– Estate: the classic, traditional tile roof look. Sometimes referred to as terracotta or Spanish tile. This tile adds texture and variety and comes in the wavy “S” shape which comes to mind when thinking of tile roofs.
– Slate: has a clean flat look to it. Thick, strong, easy to walk on, looks somewhat like stone slate, but is more affordable.
– Split Shake: tiles have a flat profile similar to the slate with a wood-like texture, without the drawbacks of real wood such as splitting, cracking and susceptibility to fire.
– Lightweight Tile: is designed to be much lighter in weight than the other three styles of concrete tile In Calgary and can typically be installed on any house. Although the lightweight tile is more susceptible to cracking and costs a little bit more than the other three product lines, it can sometimes be the only choice if your home is not strong enough to support the weight.

Although a reliable product, it is imperative to remember that a roofing product is only as good as it is installed. Also, make note that most roofing companies in Calgary do not work regularly with concrete tile roof systems. This means your selection of roofers for tile roof installations is quite a bit smaller than with other products. Be sure to choose your roofing contractor wisely. If you do not feel comfortable, do not proceed.

Feel free to contact us any time regarding your concrete tile roof system questions here in Calgary.

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