EPDM Roofing Systems

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Let’s talk about EPDM Roofing Systems… EPDM is also known as rubber roofing, which is the material most often used in flat roofing. Most homeowners have never heard of EPDM or their options regarding rubber, but perhaps they should become aware. This article was not designed to persuade a homeowner into rubber roofing, but rather […]

Annual Roof Inspections

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For the vast majority of people in Calgary, routine inspections and maintenance activities can be a part of any particular day.  Furnace cleanings, air conditioner tune-ups, lawn and garden care, and systematic vehicle servicing are all fundamental responsibilities in owning and maintaining personal property and assets. Why then would a task as critically important to […]

Drip Edge VS Rake Edge

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Drip edge and rake edge are not required by Alberta building code nor by manufacturer specifications on roofing systems; however, virtually every responsible professional roofer in the Alberta roofing marketplace will recommend having it installed. It doesn’t cost much and it serves an important purpose. Drip edge and rake edge are the first parts of […]