Calgary Roofing Contractors: The 6 “Must Haves”

roofing#1:  Insurance.  Did you know there’s two different types of insurances that every Calgary Roofing Contractor must have?  Remember, a contractor could say “Yes, we’re insured”, and mean they have only one, of the two insurances required in Alberta.

These two different insurance types are:
a) Liability Insurance  (scroll down to see a copy of our Liability Insurance Documents)
b) Workers Compensation Insurance  (scroll down to see a copy of our WCB Documents)

Liability insurance covers such things as damage to your property by falling debris or contractor error.  Workers compensation insurance covers injuries to anyone and everyone in the vicinity of the work site.  By skipping one or both of these insurances, contractors can lower their prices to be more “attractive” to you, the trusting home owner.  But there’s nothing attractive about a hole in your kitchen ceiling and no-one to pay for it to be fixed.  (if you really want a skylight, just ask us and we’ll put one in for you…one with glass and proper framing!)

The bottom line is: Ask for proof of both insurances.  Having only one of the two simply won’t do.

#2:  Workmanship Warranty.  Have you heard of the “30 day or first rain” warranty?  Our advise: don’t take it!

Generally speaking, the period of time a contractor_offers on their warranty corresponds with the amount of confidence they have in their work and ability to stay in business for that period of time.  Some of the better contractors in Calgary offer 5 or even 10 years on their in house workmanship warranties.

#3:  Healthy track record.  Are there any references you can contact?  Can you see pictures of their previously completed projects?  Since the big boom here in Alberta, many great and not-so-great contractors have flocked in from across Canada.  Some of these contractors do great work, and some of them don’t. We advise getting reference letters or even phone numbers of their previous clients so you can see just how happy their customers are.

#4:  Associations.  Getting involved with associations means credibility and professionalism. Check and see if your roofing contractor is a member with the Better Business Bureau.  Then check to see if they have any outstanding complaints.

#5:  Certifications:  Most Calgary roofing companies are fully certified, not not all of them are.  Ask to see proof of certifications for:
First Aid
Fall Protection
Manufacturer Installation Courses
Manufacturer best business practices courses
Alberta Provincial by-laws state all companies, including roofing contractors, must have at least one person on site with first aid training, and all must use full safety gear all the time. Manufacturers of roofing products also offer a multitude of valuable courses which contractors should be using to increase their product knowledge.  Ask around, make sure the contractor you hire is certified.

#6:  Safety.  Safety policies are increasingly more important these days.  Did you know roofing is said to be the most dangerous trade in the residential housing industry?  A roofing contractor’s safety policies, procedures and enforcement strategy says a lot about their professionalism and efficiency.

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