The 411 On Complexes With Concrete

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Like most things, concrete doesn’t last forever and will deteriorate over tie. When it becomes too deteriorated, preventative services may not be possible, and replacement is the only option. The process of removing and replacing the concrete is very important to preventing further deterioration and possible liability issues as the property owner.  If you are […]

EPDM Roofing Systems

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Let’s talk about EPDM Roofing Systems… EPDM is also known as rubber roofing, which is the material most often used in flat roofing. Most homeowners have never heard of EPDM or their options regarding rubber, but perhaps they should become aware. This article was not designed to persuade a homeowner into rubber roofing, but rather […]


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With many residences and apartment buildings across the Calgary area, homeowners and renters regularly enjoy spending time on an outdoor deck. With some homes/apartments the deck may be installed at an elevated height or on the roof, and this may be due to the contour of the land or so that the homeowner can take […]