The Roof Hospital is located at:

The Roof Hospital
Suite 300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4J2

The Roof Hospital was launched to provide Calgary home owners with hospital like efficiency for roofing related issues.

Having spent multiple years specializing in the repair and restoration side of Calgary's roofing industry, it became apparent that home owners would likely benefit most from proactive solutions, instead of the reactive ones.  The Roof Hospital team invested time to develop such proactive solutions like:

  1. Utilizing a rigorous quality control process to ensure your Calgary Roofing work is done properly the first time
  2. Identifying and repairing all potential issues in Roofing Systems before damage is incurred
  3. Distributing important, dollar saving information about the roofing industry with the intent of aiding people make informed decision

Being Calgary's first roofing company to focus primarily on proactive solutions is an ongoing and enjoyable challenge.  With new products entering the market, and with recent changes in the economy, the team at The Roof Hospital are kept ever busy enforcing the highest standards of quality they are capable of, improving their systems and procedures on a regular basis, and as often as possible.

Having repaired hundreds of roofs in this area, and with a 24hr Roof Repair Service, The Roof Hospital is your reliable choice for both proactive, and reactive Roof System related questions, concerns and projects.

Although The Roof Hospital is relatively a new company, one should remember:

"Years of experience does not supersede pride of workmanship"

New roofing companies with intense pride in their workmanship often out perform the '30 year industry veterans'.

This web site has been created with the intent of providing useful information and solutions to everyone who visits.  Check out the tips and tricks for you in the Must Read section of this web site to access special roof related articles.  This section has been designed to aid your search for quality roof system solutions.  Or call us, at (403) 457-3330 to take your search to the next step.

Best wishes with your search!

And remember to Be Proactive.  Let us Help.

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