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Roofing Calgary: A Complete Roof System

Just like a car, your Roof System is built from various parts all working harmoniously together.  How well does your car work with a flat tire?  Similarly, a roof system is only as strong as it's weakest component.  Improper metal flashings, poor quality shingles and other similar problems can lead to many headache causing issues.  Roofing in Calgary can be simple, if you receive guidance from a professional contractor.

There are nine different parts to every roof system.  And each part serves a very specific and important purpose.  This page has been prepared to help you, the proactive roofing Calgary home owner, to learn more about these parts.

These are the parts of your roof system:

Roof Deck
Metal: Drip Edge and Rake Edge
Leak Barrier
Roof Deck Protection
Starter Strip Shingles
Ridge Cap Shingles
Eaves Troughs

The following picture will help you understand how a roof system works. The original format of this picture is posted on the GAF/ELK website, a trustworthy manufacturer of roofing products.

The market for roofing materials in Calgary is a busy one. There are many products and manufacturers to choose from.  Ask around, talk to material supply stores such as Enercon Products to receive an un-biased opinion.  And talk with local contractors too.

roofing system diagram

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