7 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

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7 Questions to Ask Your Contractor



The time has come, and you’ve noticed that your shingles aren’t looking as great as they did 20 years ago. The Roof Hospital has derived 7 questions that will be able to establish a contractor from average to extraordinary. Replacing your roof can be a big expense and every homeowner should take precautions to make sure the job is done correctly, the first time. There are some obvious questions you need to be sure to ask like: are the contractors bonded, insured, and whether or not the company utilizes sub-contractors. However most reputable roofing contractors within Calgary will be able to answer yes to the questions listed above, what we want to know, is what are the qualities that make a roofing company stand out from the rest. Here are 7 questions to ask your contractor, to gage where they stand on quality, customer service, and general knowledge. After all, hiring a good Roofing Company can be a bit pricey, but imagine hiring a bad one.


1. Can your contractor comment on complex roof structure, metals, siding and their interconnected nature?


This question is important because it speaks to the knowledge of the contractor and their background with not just roofing, but all the perplexed parts that go with it. The special materials that need to be used, the reason for each layer, and realizing that all these parts need to work together in order to provide the home owner with a roof that will be able to withstand Canadian weather, and ultimately save the homeowner money in the long run.


2. Is your contractor well versed with attic roof systems and how vital it is to how the roof functions?


The attic is known as the respiratory system of the roof, after all, this is where the house breaths, taking air in and releasing it. Because of this, it is vital that the contractor recognizes the importance of making sure the ventilation system running through the roof and the attic is properly installed. This is a common area for leaks down the road if not done properly, as moisture can accumulate here without proper air flow. Many roofing companies often overlook Attic inspections, so it is important to ask this question.


3. Is the contractor able to provide practical recommendations for the home owner at a relatively low cost?


Replacing a roof is generally a big cost for a home owner, so your contractor should have your best interest at heart. When a leak or issue is already present within the home, your contractor should be able to give you practical recommendations to fix the problem without putting you in a situation where you need to replace a roof because of minor leaks. That’s not to say that your roof might not need replacing, but be sure that this is a real issue before continuing.


4. Is your contractor willing to offer a lifetime workmanship warranty in writing?


It is important that the work done on your rook is under lifetime workmanship warranty, or you will be stuck with issues down the road and will have to bring in different contractors and this can become costly. The clear benefit with a lifetime workmanship warranty is that leaks or any roof issues that may arise within the lifetime of the roof are sure to be looked at and taken care of with a company that values not only their work but their clients.


5. Does the company have dedicated specialized personal working exclusively in the area that you are seeking a professional service from?


Too often roofing companies have a few people that do general jobs in the roofing department. Finding a contractor that specializes in what you need is extremely important. Specialized contractors will be able to give you the best recommendations for your situation and be able to save you money in the long run. After all, hiring someone that works with the same problem you’re having all day long will be much better at giving you the appropriate advice than someone that see’s the problem once in a while. Specialized roofing service is always the way to go.


6. Has the contractor worked on larger scale projects with engineers, architects, and consultants?


This question speaks to the quality of work that this contractor will be able to provide. If this contractor has worked on many larger scale projects in collaboration with other members within the construction field, that provides you assurance that this company has a reputable stance within the community and is more than qualified to deliver you the quality of workmanship that you deserve.


7. Can the contractor provide detailed inspection reporting, that proves they have done a thorough inspection of your roof or problem areas?


Some roofing companies don’t step foot on roofs before they deliver their quote to their clients. Which can result in an inaccurate quote and missing vital pieces of information, necessary in order to provide the homeowner with accurate solutions. Having a contractor that provides you proof of a thorough inspection including pictures of problem areas, recommendations, and a list of different pricing options is a complete must. As a homeowner, having a contractor with a thorough knowledge of your roof should be a basic requirement when looking for an adequate contractor.





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