11 Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights

It may be November, but we’re all keeners here at the Roof Hospital. And we want to be able to give you the best tips for hanging those beautiful lights this christmas season.

If this is your first time, keep it uncomplicated and simple. Theres always the option to go out and buy more, or simply adding to the decor collection next year! That way, you get a feel for what works, what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t. Here are our 13 die hard tips for hanging those sensational lights!


  1. Start out small. If you’re a decoration lights novice, light just a few features, such as bushes/trees, to serve as focal points. Adding beautiful new displays each year is less tiresome than going full-scale your first year.
    2. Stay safe. Only use lights with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and make sure you’re only using lights produced specifically for outdoor use.
    3. When it comes to christmas lights, different kinda are available for every section house and yard. From blinking rope lights outlining windows or net lights blanketing bushes, smarting up on your holiday light knowledge will help you get the most bang for your buck and leave your yard looking amazing.
    4. Check for dead lights. Before getting up on that ladder make sure you test all your light strings and replace any dead lights before decorating. Burned-out lights duct power from the entire light string, leaving the rest of the string glowing dimmer.
    5. New equipment? Yes please! Avoid old nails, staples, screws, or hooks when mounting your extravagant display. Electrical tape is a quickset substitute as it won’t destroy your roof, and it’s a fabulous means for protecting electrical connections. Clips are always a great option; shingle tab or parapet clips, hold lights to sturdy by applying simple, safe pressure.
    6. Use a sturdy ladder. Make sure you have someone outside with you when you are hanging the lights. Its always reccomended for your helper to hold the ladder steady as you hang lights on trees or roofs. 
    7. Start at the top! If we’re talking about decorating trees, be sure to work your way up. Starting at the base and wrapping the lights around in a spiral. If you happen to be decorating an evergreen, start at the top and zigzag lights through the centre and get wider as you come down to the base. We promise, it’ll look magnificent! 
    8. Lets talk about house lights! You can choose any color you want, white (traditional) or multi-colorful (fun) but be sure to stay dedicated to three spaces: along gutters or eaves, in windows, and on larger trees or bushes. Your aim for decorating your home with christmas lights is symmetry. 
    9. Add some quality. Consider ground and stake lighting for extra holiday pizzazz. Multicolored lights work well for outlining walks, paths, and driveways.
    10. Avoid circuit overload. Christmas lights can be flashy and brilliant, but be careful not to overload your circuits. The limit would be 1,400 watts on a circuit. If lights in your home are dimming when you turn on the christmas lights, your circuit is overloaded.
    11. Call in the Roof Hospital Exteriors. If you don’t have roofing experience or you’re a little uncomfortable on a ladder give the pros a call, they can have your lights up in a giffy saving you time and injury. No hassle christmas lights, we think so!

Have a safe and happy time hanging lights! Call The Roof Hospital Exteriors for any christmas lights inquires.